Monday, August 30, 2010


I have been back to the stone age. My internet has been down for two weeks. The repair guys is due out tomorrow, so maybe I can get back online.

Will post some more later.

Garden On

Monday, August 9, 2010

Harvest Monday 9 Aug 10

And coming in in last place in the Harvest Monday race is DaBeardedOne!!

Without pictures (or not many, anyway).

Have harvested CORN (3 ears, which Mom took home), many, many cucumbers, Green beans, an onion, Tomatoes, peppers (green, yellow, and JalapeƱo)and chard (Mom, again).

some of this weeks harvest

This was a busy day. Started by baking the loaf of 5 minute bread that the wife mixed up yesterday. While that was baking some of the cucumbers were canned as dill pickles. The 7 pints joined the 6 half pints of low sugar peach jam I made Saturday.

Had just finished the pickles when my parents showed up. They were on their way home after visiting with Moms brothers and sisters in La Grande, OR. Mom took 3 ears of corn, a few cucumbers, some tomatoes and chard.

More canning is on the agenda for tomorrow. Going to make some of Annie's Salsa to use up the tomatoes and peppers. I made some fresh salsa last week, which turned out pretty good until I added too much garlic.

Garden On.