Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday Harvest

I was off by 2.75 oz.

I can hear you. "Off on what?" say you.

In yesterdays post was a picture of a cabbage with a caption stating that it weighed 4 pounds. I was incorrect, it weighed 3lb 13.25 oz.

Cabbage on scale

3.86 lbs on scale

On other matters, just finished reading THIS, which I found interesting.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Finally, It's Summer

The sun is starting it's trip south again and it finally is getting warm in the lower Columbia basin. It was partly cloudy yesterday with 10mph winds with a high of 70. Today - it's dead calm and clear, with a temp of 80F and still still 3 hours until peak temperature. High 80's to low 90's forecast for the rest of the week. YAY, I can almost see the corn and 'maters growing. Speaking of 'maters, I have some :-).

Tiny 'maters make me a happy fellow

Harvested some snow peas (about a dozen pods), some more lettuce and a smallish cabbage (it was spliting)(950grams) this last week. Keep forgetting to take pictures, sorry.
Still have 6 cabbage growing, with this bad boy being the biggest.

Guessimation of weight - 4 lbs

The 75% of knee high corn,

A little bitty pepper

The wifes flowers are growing and blooming nicely.

Edited to add the new link on the LINK widget. Please check out the (re)building soil link, it's could be a great help if you have a newish house or a yard that has been destroyed by septic field failure (raises hand).

Garden On

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Erin of 'Garden Now - Think later!' asked us to post our composters, so without further ado I present ... Composters of DaBeardedOne.

I have three ways to make compost. First, the put it all in a big pile and wait method. Really cheap, ugly ugly ugly, but never gets full. This pile is mostly greens, waiting for fall and the leaves to drop.

Next is the pallet bins. Easy to turn. Cheap to build. Easy to manage. Not pretty but better than the pile.

Then there is the 16 feet of field fence in a circle. Neat, not too ugly and easy to turn. Could be used as a planter, imagine it covered with squash vines.

When I checked last week they were all in the 140F temperature range.

Garden On

Monday, June 7, 2010

Turnip !!!

I checked the turnip on Thursday, it was 2 inches or so in diameter. Checked it again Saturday, it's 4 inches, argh. There it is, all washed up, ready to go in the house.

That is a 15oz can next to it for size comparison. It's the only turnip to reach maturity, the others were either bug food or didn't grow. I will try some more in a few months, maybe the bugs will let me harvest a few.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Harvest Monday and Tuesday

Harvest Tuesday, this week and last, another 1896 grams of Lettuces for a total of 4000+ and 295 grams of second planting Radishes (second planting as the first bolted as soon as they got bigger than a pea). The picture below are the radishes I pulled last week, this weeks are about twice the size.

I asked the wife to goto the farmers market on Saturday before last and get some Rhubarb if they had any. She got a pound and half. I haven't had any Rhubarb in so long, the Rhubard Pineapple cobbler she made from my Moms recipe was SO good, Yummmm.
Monday before last my parents came down for a visit, bringing 5 sets of Rhubard for me, which are now growing. Dad helped with a couple of things in the garden, weed whacking the fence line, cleaned out the back of the truck after we got a yard of manure and some digging of a new beds.

Thats two new beds and one extended bed, another 280 ft^2 of space, with another 300 planned. I'm soooo slow in getting things planted, with the cool weather and rain of the last few weeks. Those are the peppers and eggplant in the foreground of the new bed picture. They have been spending their nights in the cold frame.
Garden On.