Friday, April 23, 2010

Red Spots

This is one of my Pepper seedlings, the first leaves have reddish spots on them. The other 3 of that variety have no spots. Should I worry about them, wait for the first leaves to show, or get rid of it?

Friday, April 16, 2010

It's a bust

Well it didn't work as well as I would hope :-(
Put the concrete in the mold Tuesday evening, a thinner mix than the first batch. Wednesday morning, on the way out the door heading to work, I checked it. It was cracked, not all the way, but cracked :-(. That evening I took it out of the form, at least it didn't break into 20 pieces like the first one did. Only one break and the crack, I think I can repair it. The crack is near the stick.
I will get some chicken wire to use as reinforcement on the next try. If that one breaks, I'll have to rebuild the form so the plank is thicker, probably should do that anyway.
On growing things, the seeds that were planted 4 weeks ago have finally started to grow. Some have doubled in size the last day or two, probably because of the weather turning warm and sunny. Now if the peas would grow, as I am Jonesing for some fresh peas.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Doings, the 2nd week of April

Here it is, my Monday again (having Monday and Tuesday off, Wednesday is Monday).
Lots of pictures of my doings of the last weekend.
First is the cold frame with temporary cover, a large double walled bag (originally a airbag used to buffer lumber loads on freight cars). Only thing in it at moment is the snow peas that haven't spouted yet.

The next is the spouted snow peas. These are the ones that spouted in the house within 24 hours of being planted in paper pots. I am NOT having luck with peas, they are not spouting, either in the ppots or in the ground. Of the peas that were planted 4 weeks ago only 5 have shown any green.

Next, the strawberries and the wifes flowers. Didn't really want to plant the berries there but they were get to big for their pots. Over the summer I'll build the pyramid to transplant them to. Now where to put it?

At the same time that I got the strawberries, I got a six pack of Pac Choi, which got planted next to the cabbage. As you can see something is chowing down on them. I'm assuming that it's cutworms so will collar them and the cabbage with rings like the garlic. Next to the milk jug is the last of the grown from seed cabbage, don't think it's going to make it, after cold weather, insect attack and being blown away.

As I have 6 large beds and hope for more, I need a rot proof and cheap way to border them. It would take five 10ft and an 8ft board to enclose each of my 25x4 beds. So, I am trying concrete. Will make 4ft long planks of concrete which will be joined together to make the long sides of the bed, with one across the ends. It measures 4ft by 11 inches by 1.5 inch and takes about a third of a cubic foot of concrete. This is my second attempt at making a concrete plank.

I'm using 80lb bags of Quikcrete, which makes about a half foot of concrete so I have a bit left over. This extra goes into the large bucket to make a stepping stone ( first one is on the upper left of picture).
This is the results of the first attempt, fill for the wind blown hole in front of the container door. I think I took it out of the form too soon.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

This week has blown away

Wind. wind. Wind. Calm. WIND. wind. WIND.
One calm day out of 7. Monday was nice, the wind only blew in the late evening, was able to get several hours in the garden. The garden cover has been on the bed 6 of the last 7 days keeping the wind off the plants. This coming week is supposed to be warmer and less windy ( I hope). Gusting wind of 60mhp are hard on plants.
The seeds that were planted 3 weeks ago have finally come up, HURRAY. Have tomatoes and peppers started under the light.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

This is for Momma_S

I think I have a fix for you and it's free. Drill a hole at the red dot in the picture and another opposite of the hole the wire is coming out of ( a total of 3 holes). Route the wire in the pipe though hole 1 (bottom hole), out hole #2, back in hole#3 and out hole #4. The tighten the plug. Repeat for the other wire.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Brrr !

Bad weather. Rain, wind, snow, cold and more wind. Where is the 60F weather we had last week? Oh Well, it's spring, it does this every year, it just with a garden we pay more attention to it. Updated last post with a picture of the cold frame frame.
Did plant some Pak Choy last evening.