Monday, May 17, 2010

Harvest Monday

First, the first Harvest Monday, 400 Grams of assorted lettuce. Add that to the other harvests this week, 686 grams total (24.5 ounces for you non-metric people). Sorry, no picture again, it was blurry :-( Imagine two one gallon zip bags full.

I have been working on getting the hills for the squash/cucumbers/watermelon/cantaloupe done so I can get them planted. They are getting so large. Also pulled one of the beds of cover crop and planted some sweet corn. Noticed this morning that some has spouted, Hurray. Still need to pull the cover crop off the second bed so the tomatoes can be planted.
The future tomato bed

When I was clearing the corn bed I found this. Anyone have an idea what it is?

In the back ground of the first picture is the attempt to make a trellis my the beans. I say attempt because the beans would be to far away from the strings to do any good. I'm going to take it apart and use the uprights as stakes to run strings between.

I'm thinking I will not use "composted" manure straight out of the bag again. It appears to be unfinished, the bean bed seems to have a nitrogen deficiency. The tackweed wouldn't even grow well, turns a sickly yellow color. Put some fish fertilize on the peas and beans and they started to green up and grow.

Monday, May 3, 2010

First Harvest

First a comic break, yesterdays Hagar the Horrible (remember to look for May 3's strip).

Next - I had my first harvest of the year, 10 grams of lettuce. Sorry, no picture, as the wife had it about in the sandwiches when I got there with the scale.

The weather as been against any outdoor doings the last few days. Yesterdays 35 mile per hour winds (with 60mph gusts) with 50f temps. The sky was dark gray with clouds and brown with dust below the clouds.

Visited with Annie's Granny for a bit in the afternoon yesterday. Viewed the damage that the wind was doing to her garden. It wasn't to bad, one branch from a neighbors tree and some plants blown over.

Was afraid that the wind would do more damage to my garden than it did, as my beds are perpendicular to the prevailing wind direction with no wind breaks near. I have cardboard over a future bed location at relocated to the far side of the yard. The largest of the turnips and some of the carrots looked like they were getting up rooted. Lost one carrot to wind damage.

Was able to get something done last night, put together a reinforcing wire and conduit trellis for the peas. Still needs some finishing touches, the upper corners trimmed and the legs shortened and the rebar to put in the ground installed. Thinking of using some more for the tomatoes.

The wind has stopped blowing, YAY. Now the temperature is to drop to the low 30s over the next few nights, Boo.

Garden On, DaBeardedOne.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

There be Beans here!

The wife showed me todays Blondie comic strip when I got home this evening. If you haven't seen it click this link then access the May 1 strip. I thought it was very appropriate.

I finally have beans up, Kentucky Wonder Pole. Planted last week. How tall of a trellis will they need?

And the Pok Choi have bolted, bah.

And under the light, there are Butternut squash, Moon and Stars watermelon, Cantalope and two varieties of cucumbers.

Now if the wind would stop (or slow down anyway) blowing. I was out in the garden this evening when I started sneezing and coughing, which stopped as soon as I got in the house. There is something on the wind that my sinuses can't handle. Bah, sure makes gardening hard when you can't be outside :-(