Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ovay - it's been 3 weeks !!

My my, where does the time go?

The garden is growing like gangbusters in the heat, it's been in the high 90's the last 2.5 weeks (finally). There have been a couple of windy days the the last 3 weeks, one of which reduced one of my eggplants to this state.

Snapped off by 55 mph wind :-(

The rest the garden survived the winds well, the corn was listing a bit but the next day was back standing tall. It's now 6-7 feet tall with tassels so should have sweet corn in a few weeks.

The melons and cucumbers are loving the heat and sunshine.

This is a Moon and Stars Watermelon, the largest one growing on 4 plants.

There be tomatoes here!! Picked the first tomatoes on the 21st, three cherry. Boy, was they yummy. The peppers are also producing well, have picked two of the Quadrato Asti Giallo so far.

The rhubarb is growing nicely, when planted in early June it was just a few 2-3 inch long leaves.

The harvests of the last weighted in at 2081 grams (4.68 lbs) and includes 5 peppers, 5 cherry tomatoes, a handful of beans, 3 cucumbers, some chard, a 1 pound broccoli and 3 small sticks of rhubarb.

In the last post, I showed a loaf of 'No Knead Bread'. Last week I tried a variant with cut oats which turned out well ( No picture , sorry). If you would like to try it follow the Link and scroll down to the cut oat recipe.

Garden On.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

This and That

Happy 4th of July.

I baked a loaf of 'No Knead Bread' yesterday. Was easy to do and tasty. Will make some more.

Went to the farmers market Wednesday morning, getting 2 pounds of raspberries and a couple of zucchini, as I am not growing either in the garden (but will next year). The wife made the berries into one of the Raspberry pies that Anne's Granny made last week. Yum. One of the Squash was made into a loaf of Zucchini Bread, also Yum.

In the picture above, the jar is full of Dried Cabbage. Was going to make Sauerkraut but decided that it to warm in the house to do it now. Will try krauting this winter. That jar holds 5 lbs of cabbage. Speaking of cabbage, have had to harvest two cabbages, because they exploded ( split really). Both in the 4 lb range.

Weeds, I hates 'em. To remove the hated weeds I have purchased a shuffle hoe. A Rogue 6 inch Shuffle Hoe from Earthworks. Boy does it work well!!! Cuts things off at or just below the ground. All three edges are SHARP.