Book List

Edible Forest Gardens *****
Volume 1 and 2
By Jacke and Toensmeier

One thousand pages of information
concerning the creation of temperate
forest gardens. Most Plants mentioned
are from the Northeastern U.S.A.
Gaia's Garden Second Edition 0****
Toby Hemenway

A guide to Permaculture in the home garden.
The Resilient Gardener *****
Carol Deppe

How to grow 5 crops for central to self-
reliance and how to use them.
The One-Straw Revolution 0****
Masanobu Fukuoka

One of the first books relating to
perma-culture. Fukuoka grew 1600 lbs of
rice on 1/4 acre using no inputs, and
leaving the land more fertile.
Grow Great Grub 000**
Gayla Trail

Basic gardening info. Covers crops, methods
of growing, diseases and uses of crops.
Buffalo Bird Woman's Garden *****
Gilbert L. Wilson

Written in 1914, covering the methods used
by the Hidatsa tribe in North Dakota to grow
and preserve their main food crops.
Build your own Underground Root Cellar *****
Phyllis Hobson
a Storey County Wisdom Bulletin

Plans and material list to build a 8 by 12
underground root cellar.
Northwest Arid Lands *****
Georganne O'Connor and Karen Wieda

List of native plants and animals of the
central Washington Shrub-Steppe.
Seed to Seed *****
Suzanne Ashworth

Listing of vegetable varieties,how to grow
them and how to save their seeds.
What's Wrong with My Plant? *****
David Deardorff and Kathryn Wadsworth

Diagnose and treat your sick plants.
Root Cellaring 0****
Mike and Nancy Bubel

General plans for root cellars. Which
produce to store using one and how to
store it with recipes to use the stored