Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hello World !!

I have the Internet. After 2 weeks of waiting I'm reconnected to the world, Yay.
Though sometimes I think the Internet is a HUGH black hole that sucks up all my spare time and some to that is not spare. But I did miss all your gardening adventures. Got a lot of reading done in the last 2 weeks, several novels, Gaia's Garden, The One Straw Revolution and the first third of Edible Forest Gardens Vol.1.

And speaking of gardening (ha ha), the last 3 weeks the garden has been producing like gangbusters. The Clear Pink Early tomato plant has been making 3-4 ripe tomatoes a day, the cherry (don't remember the variety) has made a few a day with a random yellow pear thrown in. The Eve Purple Ball tomatoes are just starting to bear. Boy, are they good, thick fleshed with few seeds.
The peppers are producing so heavily that the plants fall over.
Next year I will NOT be planting 8 cucumber plants which is 4 to many. Though I think I will plant more than 4 Moon and Star watermelon (nicely sweet,large melons).Watermelon 19.5 lbs Have harvested 3 so far, a 20 lb, a 19.5 lb and a 13 lb., with 7 more to come.
The cantaloupe are doing well, 6 picked so far. They are on the smallish side, which is O.K. with me.
Garden On.


Engineeredgarden said...

I'll be growing moon and stars next year, and can't wait to try it. I've heard that it's really good!

thyme2garden said...

Welcome back to the "world"! I hear you about the internet being a giant time suck. Since I discovered the fascinating world of garden blogs, I never have any free time anymore.

I'm trying my hand at growing cantaloupe this year, but would like to venture out to watermelons next year. Around how many melons are you getting per vine? If you get more than one, do they grow all at the same time, or successively during the season?

Annie's Granny said...

Toss one of those big watermelons in the fridge to chill, and give me a call. LOL! I'm knee deep in butternut squash here.

Welcome back.

Kimmi said...

I'm excited to try for watermelon next year... I wonder what will come of that!

DaBeardedOne said...

EG - The guys at work say its the best they've tasted.

T2g - getting 2 or 3 per vine, they are progressive, the longer the vine gets the more melons start.

AG - You want one big enough for the tribe?

Kimmi - plan on trellising them if don't have a large growing area.