Saturday, May 1, 2010

There be Beans here!

The wife showed me todays Blondie comic strip when I got home this evening. If you haven't seen it click this link then access the May 1 strip. I thought it was very appropriate.

I finally have beans up, Kentucky Wonder Pole. Planted last week. How tall of a trellis will they need?

And the Pok Choi have bolted, bah.

And under the light, there are Butternut squash, Moon and Stars watermelon, Cantalope and two varieties of cucumbers.

Now if the wind would stop (or slow down anyway) blowing. I was out in the garden this evening when I started sneezing and coughing, which stopped as soon as I got in the house. There is something on the wind that my sinuses can't handle. Bah, sure makes gardening hard when you can't be outside :-(


Engineeredgarden said...

You'll need a trellis as high as you can reach, because mine easily reach 10'

Annie's Granny said...

Mine went over the top of the 6' fence by 3-4 feet, so EG is real close at 10'. I strung cotton clothesline from one side of the kennel fencing to the other, then trained the beans onto the line after they reached the top of the fencing.

This miserable wind. My throat is scratchy after being outside in it most of the day (between rain showers). It sure is cold for May 1.

lakeviewer said...

I have so few things planted: wind and rain and chilly nights are great deterrents.I

Kelly said...

I think those beans can grow quite tall, but most folks seem to keep a trellis in the 5-7 foot range for easy picking. Does that sound right??

My Pak Choy started to bolt too after a couple of warm days in a row here, but I picked it before the buds opened and we enjoyed it for dinner. Sure is pretty when it flowers though!