Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Erin of 'Garden Now - Think later!' asked us to post our composters, so without further ado I present ... Composters of DaBeardedOne.

I have three ways to make compost. First, the put it all in a big pile and wait method. Really cheap, ugly ugly ugly, but never gets full. This pile is mostly greens, waiting for fall and the leaves to drop.

Next is the pallet bins. Easy to turn. Cheap to build. Easy to manage. Not pretty but better than the pile.

Then there is the 16 feet of field fence in a circle. Neat, not too ugly and easy to turn. Could be used as a planter, imagine it covered with squash vines.

When I checked last week they were all in the 140F temperature range.

Garden On


Momma_S said...

Awe, I'm jealous of your multi-section pallet bins... Check my blog later today to see why! ;-)

Robin said...

Nice bins :) I'm envious of our pile. I used to have a pile at the farm. It was the best and easiest way to compost. My bins are up for view.

Erin said...

Ah, great minds think alike! CHEAP, LOL! Love your bins, jealous of your pallet bins, I've always liked the look of those, unfortunately the last pallets I scored I came across hubby breaking them down to use in some other random project of his. Like the cage too, you see squash, I see potatoes.... tomato, to-mah-to...!

Roasted Garlicious said...

i just came across the 'i'll show u mine, if u show me your' compost 'piles, bins, whatevers' great postings :D i might just have to show you my messy but functioning piles...