Friday, April 2, 2010

Brrr !

Bad weather. Rain, wind, snow, cold and more wind. Where is the 60F weather we had last week? Oh Well, it's spring, it does this every year, it just with a garden we pay more attention to it. Updated last post with a picture of the cold frame frame.
Did plant some Pak Choy last evening.


Annie's Granny said...

I had to go do my Easter dinner shopping in this cold, rainy, windy, horrid weather. I called the irrigation district yesterday and got all up in her face about our lack of water. She hung up on me, but about 15 minutes later the water was turned on. In other words, someone forgot to open up a valve....happens every year. So, after getting all upset about it, what does it do? It rains.

Son came by tonight with plans for a small greenhouse or some large cold frames. He has the glass panels, and will bring them over this weekend to see what I want to do with them. I'd sure like to get some of the hardier seedlings outside, I'll soon need all the lights for the peppers and tomatoes.

DaBeardedOne said...

oooh, window panes!!!
Cold frames are good, glasshouses are better, me thinks. Have checked the prices on greenhouses, egad!!
Getting in someones face and get results is good.
At least you have wind breaks around your garden, I have a clear shot to the southwest, so when the wind blows things relocate themselves.