Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It been a 5 days ?? Really!!

Oh, I'm slow at this blogging stuff.
The last week - started some peppers and tomatoes on paper toweling, one of the peppers is already potted and an inch tall, no activity from the tomatoes yet.
Bought a 6-pack of cabbage to replace the the home grown ones that got frozen, they are planted and under the Harvest Guard cover, doing well.
Went to the garden center Monday and bought a yard of leaf and twig compost. I recommend that if the wind is blowing you keep the windows rolled up while loading compost. I now have compost dust all over the inside of my truck, bah. Hopefully that is the last of the compost I need to buy.
Spent all day Tuesday in the yard and garden. Unloaded the compost (weather delay), built a 2ft by 4ft cold frame (box, no lid yet), spread the compost onto 3 beds that didn't have compost yet and turned one of the compost bins, as the temperature was below 100F.
When I got home tonight, I found that a dog had run up the middle of most of my beds and dug holes in two of them, one being the one that was seeded, %$#%^& dog. Painted the cold frame ,first coat anyway, need more paint. Then put up some wire fence on one side of the yard, will need more posts to do the other side.

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Annie's Granny said...

I have squirrels digging holes in my potato bed. This is the first time squirrels have bothered my garden, but I think it's because it's cold and the dogs aren't outside much. When It warms up, they'll be out chasing the squirrels away.

You were at the nursery and didn't stop by for a visit? Hey, I could have offered you a paintbrush ;-)

I wasn't thrilled with the leaf & twig, I like the cheaper dairy compost better. However, I thought I needed more than one kind of compost, for the good of the garden.