Monday, February 15, 2010

As it is now

This was taken this afternoon after I turned the compost, unloaded the pickup of the latest goodies re-purposed to the garden and moved some more soil from the paths to the beds.
The cardboard is mulching the bed it on to suppress the weeds, which starting to grow well in the mild winter weather we are having this year. The white bags are manure which will be spread two to a bed. I should go get 10 more bags of that tomorrow while its on sale. The pile of leaves in the fore ground is to be moved to compost piles shortly, was originally intended for mulch but will be better used as compost.

Also did a quick garden plan of current and future bed layout. The locations of the melon, cucumber and squash hills will be in the future bed area to the left of the current beds( the red box). Hopefully I haven't bitten off more than can be chewed. Berries to go in the bed along the bottom of plan. Now to figure out what goes where.


Annie's Granny said...

Have you thought about buying composted manure by the yard rather than by the bag? I get it at Mac's Nursery at Court St. and Road 68. The "dairy" compost is the cheapest, "leaf & twig" the most costly. I'm going to bite the bullet and go for at least a half yard of the latter this year, as I'll be planting more containers, but my entire garden is planted in almost straight dairy compost and does great.

DaBeardedOne said...

What is the cost per yard? This months sell price is $1.79 a bag which is <$49 a yard. I may get a couple of pickup loads of bulk later for other beds.

Annie's Granny said...

If memory serves me correctly, the dairy compost was about $29 a yard year before last, and had gone up to $35 last spring. I think the leaf and twig was around $45, but that may have gone up too. Beaver Bark in Richland sells it, too. I haven't checked their prices. I wonder what happens to all that compost at Wallula.