Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My weekend doings

Monday - Was cold in morning, frosty. Got side tracked on computer so didn't get out in the garden until late in afternoon. Got the mower run again (reconnected the starter rope) then ground the leaf pile. Now have second bay of composting bin full. Planted 8 pots of cabbage in the evening.

Tuesday - The weather cooperated today, was cloudy over night so it didn't frost. Went to the local Lowes in the morning to pickup some t-posts to put the wire fence on (in the background of lower picture). Also picked up a package of Swiss Chard seed to plant, if this keeps up will need to add another bed (LOL). Then spent the afternoon
  • finishing the ditch for the main water line
  • adding the last bay to the composting bin
  • spread 5 bags of the manure (white bags) on the 2nd bed (the one under the cardboard). Going to add 5 more later, then will get a couple of yards from the garden supply, as per Annie's Granny's suggestion, for the rest of the beds.
  • Added some greens to the leaves that were ground up last night.
  • Started the ditch for the first branch of the irrigation system. Thats the pile of soil in the foreground of the top picture.
  • Dug the path between then 3rd and 4th beds (lower picture)starting the 4th bed.
  • Spread the cardboard to cover the weeds in the area intended for watermelon, cucumbers, squash and cantaloupe(background of lower picture). The rocks on the cardboard are to hold it in place when the wind blows, which it will.

Wednesday - It rained over night, temperature 35f this morning, no frost(Yay). It rained therefore the wind blows. The cardboard on bed 2 blew off, good thing DW was home to put it back and anchor it with some BIG rocks. Though the temperature was in the low 50s the wind chill is nippy. Now have 3 sprouts of rosemary. Checked the new compost, its getting warm.


The Idiot Gardener said...

That's a full weekend's work! I needed a sit down after reading about it! I just need a relatively okay weekend with little or no rain to break the back of some jobs that remain unfinished. Forecast for the next five days is rain, every day. Oh well!

Heather said...

You look and sound like you're ready for the big league! You garden plan is great and I can't believe you can start seeds already. I am a little jealous. Can't wait to read more~

DaBeardedOne said...

The weather here is warm this year, we are normally 10 degrees cooler. As I type this it's 36F, was 61F at 4pm. Rain fore-casted for early morning.
Lots to do before planting outside though. Need to get water available, more compost and beds to prepare.
The seeds that I started and are up are Rosemary which the package recommended starting 10-12 week prior to last frost, which I figure is the 15th of May.