Monday, February 15, 2010

The Beginning - Getting bitten

It was the reading of the Popular Farming Series Heirloom Farm in Oct(?) 2009 that started it. All those pretty pictures of ripe tomatoes, stripped beets and cubit length green beans. The Gardening bug bit me, Hard.
Since then I have read magazine, web sites and Blogs. Compost has been set to composting, the garden has been planned multiple times, the ever lengthening seed list ordered, propagation supplies acquired and the some of soil has been worked. Many ideas were garnered from these sources.
This is not the first garden I have grown but it will be the largest. It started as two 20x4 raised beds but has since grown to five 25x4 beds with melon and other vining plant hills(4) plus a planned raspberry bed. Twenty one packages of seed were ordered but 10 more were impulsively purchased, which is the reason the number of beds increased.
This is what I'm starting with. Weedy Grass, no watering system and sand, lots of sand. A co-worker supplied the pile of wood chips (at the center of the container) and the leaves for the start of the compost pile.
The fog has lifted, time to go out and dig in the dirt.

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Annie's Granny said...

Hooray! A gardening neighbor! I'll be as excited as you, watching the birth of your garden!