Monday, February 22, 2010

First Sprout !

Oh Joy, the first sprout of the season. If you have a problem seeing it, it's the green speck at the left center. LOL
Not much going on outside. Dug the ditch for the supply line to the garden irrigation. One end was easy digging but the other is a pain, its a stone patch. Two summers ago the septic drain field failed because of tree roots. In replacing it, most of the top soil was buried and the stones brought to the surface.
Got the mower running this evening. Shredded the pile of leaves that was moved a few days ago and placed them in the composting bin. Have some grass that needs mowing, so will add the clippings to the pile and turn it all.
Weather is cold again, mid 20s and frost in morning, warming to low 50s in evening. Sky is clear again tonight so will be the same tomorrow though Weatherman says it supposed to rain tomorrow night.


Annie's Granny said...

Congrats on the sprout, but will you please warm up that weather? I'll be home a week from tomorrow, and I'm expecting it to be spring! I have planting to do, ya know ;-)

Michelle said...

The first seed starts of the year get no privacy around my house, I compulsively check and recheck until I see that first green speck! You would think I would grow out of that, but year after seed starting year, it's the same ritual. LOL

Good luck with your big garden this year. Have fun.

DaBeardedOne said...

Thank you Michelle.

Granny - It clouded up last night so temperature is up this morning, still frost on the windshield cold but warmer than yesterday.