Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another Busy Weekend

Sunday - Planted a trio of basil seed this evening after reading this blog and they are poking their little green heads out of the soil already.
Monday - Finished the main waterline on Monday ( I thought) and assembled the valve manifold. Then had to dig up the supply valve to replace a broken pipe. That finished off Monday.
Tuesday - Spent the morning at the dentist getting a toothache taken care of. In the afternoon finished up the water line. When I finally got water, I spread the compost piles out, watered them, spread some waste animal feed(nitrogen source) and re-piled them. Later that evening I did a few of Granny's napkin seed mats (two each of two varieties of beets and one of lettuce ).
Wednesday - Had to dig up the supply line, forgot to glue the pipes together (I suffer with C.R.S.,can't remember stuff). Then put together the piping for one of the beds. This system is based on this Video(not the one I wanted, couldn't find the right one, but this one is the same idea). The pipes are 16 inches apart, as you can see I need to box the beds which are supposed to be 4ft across.
Checked the compost piles, boy were they HOT, so the feed must have been what they needed.


Annie's Granny said...

I've been laying water lines in my sleep. I'm surprised I don't wake up with blue glue on my fingers! I'm going to try some weird stuff this year....bubblers by the squash and tomatoes, drip tubing in the pots. I'm thinking of drilling hundreds of tiny holes along the sides of the PVC and using it like a soaker hose. I figure I'll only wreck three lengths of pipe if it doesn't work.

I wasn't expecting such lovely weather here! It poured rain in AZ, and the high temps were only supposed to be around 60.

The Idiot Gardener said...

Mr Beard, I must say that you are certainly a man that likes to get down with the more physical aspects of gardening. I do actually fear that I might get a bit bored once the building/digging/inventing phase is over and it's just watching lettuce grow.

Top work!

DaBeardedOne said...

Granny - Tried to comment to your comment last night but blogger wouldn't co-operate, so trying again.
When you drill all those holes make sure to put 2-3 together so if one becomes clogged the others will continue to drip. And yes the weather has been strange this year, December was the cold month instead of January.

IG - Yes I do like the building part of the garden and the eating. Hope the boring parts in the middle don't to me either. What did you decide on your Thai eggplant?

Annie's Granny said...

I'm going to put threaded plugs or caps at the ends of my PVC sections, so they can be flushed out. This irrigation water gets some odd things coming through at times! My system will be glued (the video guy just slipped his together) and will be a permanent part of the regular underground/timed system. The only difference, it will sit on top of the ground. It will be easy to blow it out for winter. I think I'll use a smaller drill bit, and drill on two sides (3 holes every 4"). Most of the beds will have at least two lengths of PVC installed.

Do you like eggplant? I got some free seeds for "Red Eggplant" (I've never eaten it), and you're welcome to some seeds. We need to get together, I have lots of different seeds I can share, more than I could ever use. My email is in my profile on my blog.