Thursday, March 11, 2010

Germination Mark 2

Made up some seed mats tonight, Dragon Carrots and Scarlet Nantes, on toilet paper. These the napkin mats of onions, turnips, beet, swiss chard and lettuce. Ready to plant now.
Going through the seeds I got from Ganny I found the Red Eggplant, which gave me an idea. EG sprouts his seeds on paper toweling before potting, which has a short window of opportunity for planting because of the radicle penetrating the toweling. My idea is to place each seed on a small bit of toweling/T.P. then planting toweling and seed with no chance of damage to the radicle.
So 6 eggplant seed on bits of T.P. and covered with another bit. Will let you know how they grow.
And thank you to all the people that are following my ramblings.


The Idiot Gardener said...

What it the name of all that is sacred is a radicle?

You cannot drop that puppy in there without explaining it for us idiots!

DaBeardedOne said...

IG - Welcome Back. I just learned it myself, A radicle is the part of the plant embryo that develops into the root (per the American Heritage College Dictionary ). If you click the EG link he explains all.