Friday, March 19, 2010

An Embarrassment of Richs

My co-workers have be good to me the last couple of days. This pile of grass clippings today

and 6 of these bags of leaves. Yesterday the remainder of the leaves and the two bags of clippings.

The top two pictures were taken AFTER I had doubled the contents of the bin on the left. The bin on the right is the compost that was started in November and is close to be done. The center bin is 2-3 week old now.
Planted these cabbage seedlings on Tuesday evening. I covered them with the milk jugs in the back ground, which didn't do any good :-( because the it rained that night and blew them off. The seedling in the lower left was heavily wind damaged but the others were O.K.. Then the last two nights the temperatures dropped into the mid 20's and froze them, one may survive :-(. Do wish it would cloud up at night to keep some of the heat of the day, it's been in the 60's in the late afternoon then drops like a rock.
In the picture above, the Basil seedling in the center was the same size as the one on the left two days ago, wonder what happened?
Update on starting seeds in bits of T.P., I recommend that you use a cheap thin one ply, as the the thicker two ply is hard for the seeds to send they leaf stalk though. I had the tear a hole for the eggplant to poke it's leafs though. (that is the pot on the right in the second row) .

Finally here is my Fork. And My brand new 20 inch probe compost thermometer.
I can now get to the center of the piles to take their temperatures.


Annie's Granny said...

You lucky one! Mr. H and I took turns tossing 10 bags of leaves on the grass and mowing/catching them. Unfortunately, I have no space left for compost piles this year, so mine was scattered as mulch for the new garden area behind the shed, with some saved to tuck in around my peppers next May.

The Idiot Gardener said...

Shame about the cabbage; I'm sure they'll muddle through. My compost still needs some serious brown material; I just don't have any!

Kelly said...

Wow, check out all that grass! Good stuff Da Bearded One.