Monday, March 8, 2010

Start of my weekend

The beds now have their water lines. Built one on Friday, three of them together Saturday and finished the 5th Sunday. They don't have the holes drilled yet which is O.K. as I really have no idea where they need to be yet.
Ran out of glue Sunday, so had to wait until this morning to start hooking up them up to the water supply.
Tomorrow's plan , finish hooking up the water lines, start drilling holes, start putting wood chips in the pathways and if possible,start planting lettuce, spinach and other cold weather veggies.
Brr, 28F forecast for tonight, but still in the high 50s for tomorrow.


Sunny said...

Looks like you are working hard...Today our temps were rather chilly as well but I hear it's suppose to get back up in the 50s soon....Perfect weather for getting those cold crops started.

DaBeardedOne said...

The afternoons a beautiful, temps in the middle 50s. Seeds are on their mats ready to plant.